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Pokemon: Scarlet & Violet - Crimson Haze (Japanese)

Pokemon: Scarlet & Violet - Crimson Haze (Japanese)

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Crimson Haze introduces three brand-new ACE SPEC Trainer cards to the TCG. The first is "Unfair Stamp," a spiritual successor to the Reset Stamp card from Unified Minds. Reset Stamp was a powerful comeback card that many decks took advantage of. "Unfair Stamp" could prove just as powerful, forcing the opponent to shuffle their hand into their deck and draw two cards while you get to draw five. The card can only be played if one of your Pokémon was knocked out during your opponent's last turn, but with cards like Irida, Arven, and Forest Seal Stone, you are able to find it at the perfect time!


Next up is "Hyper Aroma," a great new Item card that lets you search your deck for three Stage 1 Pokémon and add them to your hand. There are a couple of decks that will make great use of this ACE SPEC. For example, Gardevoir is able to search out three [Refinement] Kirlia at once to be able to start drawing through the deck quickly, making up for the rotation of the [Mirage Step] Kirlia in April.


Finally, we have "Survival Braces," a Tool that attaches to any of your Pokémon to give them a bit more longevity. If the Pokémon "Survival Braces" is attached to has full HP and would be knocked out by an attack, you can discard the Tool and survive with 10HP remaining. This is a huge way of preventing your opponent from winning the game, combined with a card like Roxanne or Iono to try and claim victory over the following turns.


Powerful Pokémon ex Emerge from the Land of Kitakami

There are also some very powerful Pokémon ex in Crimson Haze that will be making a huge impact on the format! Iron Thorns ex can remove the abilities of all other Rule Box Pokémon other than Future Pokémon. With its attack you can set up other attackers like Iron Hands ex ready for the late game. And since Iron Crown ex is a Future Pokémon, you can use this to boost the damage from Iron Thorns ex while you're locking down your opponent's board.


We also have a new Greninja ex, which has two incredibly powerful attacks. One deals a huge 170 damage for just one Water Energy and also lets you search your deck for any one card to add to your hand. The other deals 120 damage to two Pokémon on the opponent's side at the cost of discarding two Energy attached to Greninja. Both of these attacks are incredibly powerful and are sure to make the Stage 2 Greninja a force to be reckoned with in competitive play!


A Crimson Dawn for the Coming Twilight

Released in Japan on March 22, 2024, Crimson Haze features a total of 66 main set cards and a whole host of new Illustration rares. These cards then make their way worldwide in the Twilight Masquerade set in May!

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